Estate Sales

Uncle Ned’s has stopped doing estate sales at this time.  We are reassessing our procedures and fee schedule to be competitive in the area and be sure we cover our costs.  Information below might not be accurate at this time until we resolve some issues for future possible sales.  THANK YOU.


Uncle Ned’s offers On-Site Estate Sales to assist in emptying/selling of the actual physical inventory of an estate. This takes place directly in the house. Whether it is because of a loved one’s passing, moving across country, downsizing or combining multiple households, UNCLES can help!

The first step:

Call or email us. We will ask a few questions about the size of the estate, what the desired timeline is, and who is involved. (Condominiums must have approval from the association board to allow such a sale to take place.) If we determine a sale could be hosted we will then schedule a meeting with you at the sale location (no charge).

Let’s meet:

  • we will do a quick tour of the merchandise available and let you know if and when we can do the sale
  • our fees are based on a percentage of the projected sales fees are then subtracted from the gross sales at the end of the sale (depends on amount of merchandise to prepare and cleanliness of location)
  • the client will pay for the advertising costs up front (done in the local paper, UNCLES prepares the ad for you), we also advertise on our website, Facebook page and on Craigslist in addition to street corner signs the days of the sale (depending on municipality regulations)
  • all costs involved with doing the estate sale are included in the commission except the print ad. Be sure you compare the same inclusions when checking out other estate sale companies (some charge extra for cleaning, set up, garbage removal – UNCLE’S does not)

The most important thing to remember is: DO NOT THROW ANYTHING OUT BEFORE A SALE! Almost everything can be sold and reused! Let UNCLES, LLC determine if it should be sold or tossed.

The set-up:

  • Length of set-up depends on the size of the estate
  • we will set out all items from attics, basements, crawl spaces, garages, and closets
  • item pricing: we strive to ensure we price items accurately, leaving as few items left at the end of the sale as possible and maximizing return – pricing is a delicate combination of current market pricing, antique value, timing, interested customer (and then good old fashioned haggling during the sale)

We request the client not be present during set up times and during the actual sale days, as UNCLES has found it is easier and faster to prepare the sale.Seeing items sold on the day of the sale can be strenuous for clients..

Before the sale:

  • we welcome you, the client, to walk through the set up sale prior to opening to the public, this is done to assure that you have kept all memories/items you wish to keep and to get a view of the set up sale
  • UNCLES sets aside any personal paperwork, photos, etc. that we think the client needs to process/keep

The sale:

  • usually 2 days long (depends on the amount of merchandise to liquidate)
  • first day will be open usually for 6 or 7 hours to the public (ie: 10-4/5), items selling at marked price with a minimum of haggling on the pricing and bids accepted for items over $50
  • second/final day is usually opened to the public for 4-7 hours (ie: 10-2/5), with remaining unsold items 1/2 off the original marked price, possible aggressive haggling to empty estate and winning bid items to be picked up

After the sale:

  • UNCLES will empty the remaining unsold items as decided at contract signing (continued consignment for larger/better pieces at our store, donation to charity for some items, client keeps and handles unsold items … or a combination)
  • we will give the house a quick once over clean (Uncles, LLC can be hired for a full clean after sale at an additional fee)
  • Payments: a general recap of the sale will be sent to client’s address after the close of sale (close of sale = last day we are working in the house). There is a minimum of 15 business days for paperwork and processing and may take longer depending on the situation. This will include the check for the proceeds and a listing of some of the larger items sold and the prices at which they sold, any donation receipts and the current consignment inventory of items that were taken to the store (if this option is selected).

UNCLES, LLC Estate Sales/Moving Sales/Downsizing Sales are done to your needs. From ‘just get it done and leave me alone’ to ‘please let me know everything Uncles is doing,’ UNCLES will work with you at your comfort level.

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